I am, therefore I Create


I was born in a town called Benoni in the Gauteng province of South Africa. My love of nature, my main source of inspiration, and colour, comes from this heritage. I was fortunate and blessed to have been exposed to many cultures growing up. Artists and artisans are valued - working with your hands to create something beautiful is seen as a gift and a blessing.

When I emigrated to Canada in 2020 I decided to pursue my passion for mixed media and launch my own art business. Messy Meerkat Studios was officially “born” in 2021 and is a registered company in British Columbia. 

My passion was and always will be mixed media. I love pushing the boundaries of what is possible and how many mediums one can incorporate into a single art piece. I strongly believe that being an artist is something that you are born to do and not necessarily learned at school. Action follows passion!

I fell into resin purely by accident and decided to include this medium into my art and in some cases creating craft products only in resin.

When creating spiritual art, I love incorporating crystals. I have a ritual that I practice for each of these pieces and love and positivity flows from my hands into the art. I draw my inspiration from both nature and everyday items, especially those that can be transformed. To me nature is perfection and inspiration can be found in the flowers, on the beach, in the sky or in the bark of a tree in a nearby park.

In a world that constantly evolves, my art reflects the innovation and inspiration of the world around me. I love challenging boundaries and peeling back layers to discover the beauty that lies within the unexpected. I invite you to do the same. Blessings.