I caught some serious feelings creating this piece

I caught some serious feelings creating this piece

It is not the biggest, nor the boldest (colour-wise) and yet this little piece of art pulled out so many emotions in me. Rather fitting I think as it is an ode to all the quiet communicators.

These are the people who steadfastly and quietly go about their days communicating healing, love, acceptance, joy and gratitude. Vastly different from the constant jarring and jangling public discourse of late. Far too many toxic people, are running rampant through our societies spreading their unique brand of hate, discord and division.

So, feeling a bit mangled, I sat down, took a deep breath and started my card reading. I love working in sevens. 21 cards later, I felt balanced and in tune and ready to go. Why do I do what could be construed as a strange little ritual?

When I create healing art I use a combination of colour and crystals, shells and other organic materials. These absorb energy. The last thing I want is for any negative energy to be transmuted into art pieces I am creating. I find it best to clear any negative energy from myself using card readings and at times a walk (my form of meditation).

The colours are chosen intuitively- the substrate, be it wood, aluminium, glass, resin “speaks to me". As I look at it I can see the patterns and the colours associated with it start to form. The crystals are also selected in the same way. 

What’s in a name? Kommunikasie is the Afrikaans word for communication. And it just felt right to shorten it to KommuniKA. This piece and the crystals and shells I used, are all about not only communication, but helps to release toxic emotions and unwanted energy. Abalone carries energies of protection and emotional balance and helps those going through emotional turmoil. The dominant colour is turquoise which is associated with the throat chakra – all about communication. **Boom**

It was at this point, while looking at the finished piece now curing, that those feels caught up with me. So did the tears. A much-needed release and cleanse methinks. I love this little piece, my ODE to all those who walk amongst us gently and soothingly. We sure do need more of these quiet communicators.

KommuniKA, as with all the healing art I create, has it’s own “birth” document. This contains info on the crystals used as well as the Chakras the art works on. I also include the cards I drew for the piece.

Until next time!

Lucia Steeg ©

19 February 2022  

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Love this piece!

Communication starts with honouring the words deep within self in advent of their release into the world. This piece is unbalanced balance of the beauty of communication. Bravo Lucia...Bravo!

Brilliant 👏


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